Last modified: Jun 4, 2024

News and plans

News and plans for development of Altinn 3 Correspondence.

Migration from Altinn 2 to Altinn 3 Correspondence

The Altinn 2 Correpondence solutions is being reimplemented along with other solutions on the Altinn platform to transition to a new technology platform and improved services in Altinn 3.

The development of the Altinn 3 Melding solution began in the spring of 2024. By mid-2026, service owners and users should be transitioned to the new solution. The Altinn 2 platform will then be shut down.

Planned new and changed features for Altinn 3 Correspondence

The Key New Features in Altinn 3 Correspondence (Preliminary Overview)

  • Improved end-user experience through a new user interface in the Shared Workspace.
  • Support for sending links to message content and attachments as an alternative to sending message content and attachments directly in the messages. The files can be stored in the Altinn 3 Melding File Storage or in the sender’s preferred solution.
  • Functionality for uploading and securely storing attachments, with the possibility of reuse across multiple messages.
  • Improved authorization through Altinn 3 Authorization.
  • Some API changes.

Deprecated Functionality in Altinn 3 Correspondence (Preliminary Overview)

  • The old batch-based messaging solution is being deprecated. Distribution of messages to many recipients is instead supported through other mechanisms, such as linking to attachments and scalable performance in isolated rooms (multitenant architecture).