Last modified: Jun 1, 2024


Altinn 3 Terminology

The following table gives brief descriptions of the main terms used to describe Altinn 3 Correspondence. Also see and

BrokerA ‘broker’ facilitates transactions, negotiations, or agreements between two parties, such as buyers and sellers, or providers and consumers.
CustomerIn the context of Altinn, ‘customer’ is associated with ‘service owner’.
Data ConsumerA ‘data consumer’ is an individual or system that uses data provided by data sources or services. Also see ‘recipient.
Data Holder‘Data holder’ means a legal person, including public sector bodies and international organisations, or a natural person who is not a data subject with respect to the specific data in question, which, in accordance with applicable law, has the right to grant access to or to share certain personal data or non-personal data.
Data ProviderA ‘data provider’ is an entity that supplies or grants access to data. Also see ‘sender.
DocumentA ‘document’ refers to any form of recorded content, whether in digital or paper format, used to communicate, store, or present information, ranging from text and images to diagrams and multimedia. It serves various purposes, including legal evidence, historical records, educational material, or business transactions, facilitating the sharing and preservation of knowledge.
End userAn ’end user’ is the final consumer of the services in questions, typically human users through a graphical user interface (GUI).
End user systemAn ’end user system’ provides the services and user interface for end users.
FileA digital container used to store, manage, and manipulate data on a computer system or network. It can consist of text, images, audio, video, or other types of data, and is typically organized within a file system that allows for easy retrieval and access.
File transferThe process of moving or copying data over a computer network or through data storage devices.
File transfer brokerA ‘file transfer broker’ is a system or service that acts as an intermediary to facilitate the secure and efficient exchange of files between different parties or systems. Also see ‘message broker’.
IntermediaryAn ‘intermediary’ is an entity that acts as a middleman or mediator between two parties in a transaction or communication process.
Managed File Transfer (MFT)‘Managed file transfer’ is a solution or service that facilitates and manages the secure transfer of data between systems. It provides a more reliable and secure alternative to traditional file transfer methods, by ensuring the encryption of data in transit and at rest, and offering better management and monitoring capabilities.
Message BrokerA ‘message broker’ is a system or service that acts as an intermediary to facilitate message exchange between different parties or systems.
On-premise‘On-premise’ means installation and operation of software and technology infrastructure directly within an organization’s physical facilities, rather than hosted remotely or in the cloud.
ProcessA series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end.
RecipientAn individual or entity that receives a message, package, or service from a sender. Also see Data Consumer.
SenderAn individual or entity that initiates the transmission of a message or data to one or more recipients. Also see Data Provider.
Service OwnerIn the context of Altinn, a ‘service owner’ refers to an entity responsible for the development, management, and maintenance of a particular service within the Altinn platform.
User JourneyA ‘user journey’ is a visual or narrative representation of a user’s interactions with a product or service from start to finish.


  • In the context of Altinn Correspondence, the terms Data Provider and Sender may be assumed to mean the same.
  • In the context of Altinn Correspondence, the terms Data Consumer and Recipient may be assumed to mean the same.