Last modified: Jun 1, 2024

What do you get?

Main features of Altinn Correspondence

Main Features

Creation and Sending of Messages

  • Ability for public agencies and other service providers to create and send messages to users.
  • Support for both general and personalized messages.


  • Automatic notifications via email or SMS to users when they receive new messages.
  • Customized notification settings based on user preferences.

Archiving and Storage

  • All messages are stored in the user’s inbox in Altinn.
  • Retention policies that ensure messages are available as long as necessary according to legislation and guidelines.

Access Control and Security

  • Advanced access control ensuring that only authorized users can read the messages.
  • Use of security mechanisms like encryption to protect the content.

Search and Filtering Functions

  • User-friendly search and filtering functions to quickly find specific messages.
  • Ability to sort messages by various criteria such as date, sender, and message type.

Integrations and APIs

  • APIs allowing integration with other systems for sending and receiving messages.
  • Possibility for automated message handling through integrated systems.

Receipts and Confirmations

  • The system provides receipts when a message is delivered and opened by the recipient.
  • Ability to send confirmations back to the sender that the message has been read.

User Administration

  • Tools for managing user profiles and access.
  • Functionality to assign messages to the correct user or unit within an organization.

Support for Various Message Formats

  • Ability to send messages in various formats such as PDF, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Support for attachments.

Reporting and Statistics

  • Tools to generate reports and statistics over sent and received messages.
  • Overview of message flows and usage data.

Advanced Support for Linking to Content and Attachments

  • As an alternative to sending message content and attachments directly in the messages, the sender can choose to send links to content and attachments.
  • Altinn Melding has functionality for uploading files with message content and attachments, for secure storage and reuse across multiple messages.
  • It is also possible to link to content and attachments stored elsewhere, e.g., on-premises at the sender or in the sender’s preferred cloud solution.

Integration with Altinn 3 Dialogporten and Felles Arbeidsflate

  • Unified user interface across multiple messaging solutions through Altinn 3 Felles Arbeidsflate.
  • Activity log in Altinn 3 Dialogporten.

Summary of advantages of Altinn Correspondence

Altinn Correspondence offers several unique benefits that make it the preferred choice for digital communication with public agencies in Norway:

  • Centralized communication: Altinn Correspondence serves as a central hub where all communications with public authorities can be managed from one account. This eliminates the need to manage multiple accounts or platforms.
  • Security and confidentiality: Regular email is often not considered secure enough in many contexts. Altinn Correspondence can be used for transferring sensitive information. The platform uses strong authentication and encryption techniques to protect user data.
  • Automation of submissions: The system allows for the automation of submissions such as tax returns and annual accounts, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Availability: Altinn is available around the clock, allowing users to submit and receive documents at any time, which offers great flexibility compared to traditional postal services with limited hours.
  • Integration with other systems: Altinn is designed to easily integrate with other systems in both the private and public sectors, enabling seamless data flow and efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly: By reducing the need for paper-based communication, Altinn contributes to more environmentally friendly administration.