Altinn Events API

An overview of the Altinn Events API

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The Altinn Events API is an HTTP-based RESTful API that provides endpoints and actions for publishing of events and subscribing to events from Altinn 3 Apps and other registered sources.

Base URL

  • AT (Private Altinn Acceptance Test environment)

  • TT02 (Application owner test environment)
  • Production:

Authentication & Authorization

Altinn token

The Events API is secured using OAuth2 and all requests must include a valid Altinn token either in the Authorization header or in the AltinnStudioRuntime cookie.

TODO: write the guides referenced below.Both with our client libraries and in postman maybe?

Here is an overview of guides related to the generation of Altinn token for production and test purposes:

Maskinporten scopes

TODO: find docs to link to or create them.

Some endpoints in the API require additional authorization in the form of a Maskinporten scope. User documentation on setting up a maskinporten integration with a specific scope is available here.

Platform Access token

The use of some endpoints in the API is limited to callers within the Altinn eco-system. These APIs require additional authorization in the form of a Platform Access Token. Reference developer documentation for the client system on how to generate the token.

Private APIs

The API contains a set of private APIs that are only accessible within the Events-component. These are marked as Private API in the OpenAPI specification and require an access token in the request header.