Last modified: Jun 27, 2024

Application construction components - Altinn Events

The Altinn Events component is an a ASP.NET MVC Application exposing a REST API to Altinn Apps and other Altinn services. The application is deployed as a Docker container to a Kubernetes cluster and a set of functions in an Azure Function App.

System architecture illustration

When a publish request is posted to the /app endpoint, the event will first be saved in the events-registration queue for operational resilience and flexibility.

When an event retrieval request is received, it will respond with results from the internal relational database used for events persistence.

Event architecture diagram
Altinn Event Architecture

Flow for processing a single incoming event

Sequence diagram - POST event
Sequence diagram - POST event

System and service dependencies


  • Altinn Authorization: used to authorize access to endpoints
  • Altinn Register: used to support lookup on alternative subject