Last modified: Feb 26, 2024

Query app events as end user

Developer guide on how to query app events as an end user or end user system

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Altinn Events enables event driven integration patterns, designed specifically to avoid the need for continuously requesting resources, also known as ‘polling’.

However, in order to allow for smooth and incremental architectural migrations, the Events API also provides an HTTP API for scheduled requests of the same event data you hopefully will receive via webhooks in the future.


GET /app/party


This API requires authentication.

See Authentication and Authorization for more information.


Query parameters & headers


  • ID of the event last retrieved, type: string

Result set will include events registered after the provided event ID in chronological order


  • the lower limit for when the cloud event was registered in UTC, type: string(date-time)

Accepted format is 2023-02-16T18:00Z


  • the upper limit for when the cloud event was registered in UTC, type: string(date-time)

Accepted format is 2023-02-16T18:00Z


  • the party ID representing the subject of the cloud event


  • the organisation number representing the unit in the cloud event’s alternative subject

person (header)

  • the person number representing the person in the cloud event’s alternative subject


  • the event sources to include, type: array[string]

The source parameter supports wildcard % to escape unknown number of characters e.g.


  • the event types to include, type: array[string]


  • size of the result set, type: string

Default size is set to 50 events


Contains a header next to be used to retrieve a new set of events following the final event in the result set. Next header is returned regardless if there exists more events to be retrieved or not.

Supported content-types


Response codes

  • 200 OK: Events matching query set are returned
  • 400 Bad Request: Invalid set of query parameters Refer to problem details in response body for further information.
  • 401 Unauthorized: Indicates a missing, invalid or expired authorization header



curl \
--location '' \
--header 'Person: 07124912037' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {Insert Altinn token}'


200 OK

If the result set contains events that you are authorized to receive, the response object will look like below, if no events match your query or you aren’t authorized to read the event, and empty array ‘[]’ will be returned.


Content-Type: application/cloudevents+json; charset=utf-8

		"specversion": "1.0",
		"id": "3ebaa1a2-9113-4905-ab26-a84fc3ec8acc",
		"time": "2023-04-11T08:58:35.185428Z",
		"source": "",
		"subject": "/party/50002598",
		"type": "app.instance.created",
		"alternativesubject": "/person/07124912037"
		"specversion": "1.0",
		"id": "3d529b03-ff67-4e98-9cfb-387df4b09f82",
		"time": "2023-04-11T08:59:24.4701492Z",
		"source": "",
		"subject": "/party/50002598",
		"type": "app.instance.process.completed",
		"alternativesubject": "/person/07124912037"

400 Bad Request

Response contains a problem details object with the error message listed within the errors property.

	"type": "",
	"title": "Bad Request",
	"status": 400,
	"detail": "Subject must be specified using either query params party or unit or header value person.",
	"traceId": "00-7d18efb9ae1304c96884676e3de17fe2-b987907d01983550-00"