Code lists

How to add/edit and configure code lists.

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A code list is a pre-defined list of codes and display texts that can be connected to a form component. Code lists can come from common libraries, and can be defined for each app.

Add/edit code list

In the top navigation meny, select Modellering -> Kodelister. An overview of existing code lists will be shown. To edit an existing code list, select it from the overview. To add a new code list, click Lag ny kodeliste.

Redigere kodelister

Redigere kodelister

Connect a code list to a form component

NOTE: Currently, the only form components that support code lists are Radio buttons and Checkboxes.

  1. Add a form component that supports code lists, and open the properties editor for the component.
  2. Select Code list as option to add radio buttons.
  3. Select a code list from the available options for the service.
    Note that this must be a code list that is either defined for the service, or in a common library that the service has access to.
  4. Save the changes by clicking the checkmark icon to the right of the properties editor.

When testing the service, the actual values from the code list will be loaded into the component.

Add a code list to a form component

Adding a code list to a form component

NOTE: There is currently no language support for code lists.