Last modified: Jun 5, 2024

Send notifications

Service owners and internal Altinn systems can send notifications to individuals in a personal capacity or a professional capacity though a role they have within an organization. The contact point for the recipient does not need to be known, as Altinn has access to a wide range of registries to retrieve contact information given an organization number or a national identity number.

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Combining notification channels

As of April ‘24 it is not possible to combine notification channels for a single order request. This functionality can be expected in the first half of ‘24.

Recipient lookup

Sending notifications to a national identity number or organization number is supported. A lookup of the contact details and reservation status of the recipient will be done both at the time of ordering a request and at the requested send time.

The entity ordering the notification is responsible for checking whether the notification will be sent or not, as recipient lookup results are shared in the response of the order request as well as detailed in the notification after requested send time.

Recipient lookup result

The recipient lookup result reflects the situation at a specific point in time. If the requested send time is significantly later than the time of ordering - the final lookup may have a different result. The status of a notification order should therefore always be checked after the requested send time to confirm whether notifications were successfully generated, sent and delivered.

The recipient lookup result provides insight into the probability of Altinn being able to send the notification to the recipients stated in the order. By checking the contents of this object, alternative measures can be taken before the requested send time if there are reserved persons or recipients where no contact details can be found.

statusThe result of the initial lookup
isReservedA list containing national identity numbers for all reserved recipients.
missingContactA list containing national identity number and/or organization numbers for recipients missing contact details.

The status property can hold one of three values.

SuccessThe recipient lookup was successful for all recipients.
PartialSuccessThe recipient lookup was successful for some recipients.
FailedThe recipient lookup failed for all recipients.


"recipientLookup": {
    "status": "Success",
    "isReserved": [ "16069412345" ],
    "missingContact": [ "810419652", "14029112345" ]

Registries used for lookup

When sending a notification through Altinn the sender can provide the contact details (email or SMS). In addition to this, Altinn uses a set of registries to retrieve the contact details if none have been provided by the sender.

The common contact register (Kontakt- og reservasjonsregisteret)

Altinn has a local copy of this register which can be used used to retrieve contact details if the recipient is identified by person number.

Read more about the common contact register is available here.

The National Registry for Notification Addresses for Businesses (Varslingsadresser for Enheter)

Altinn has a local copy of this register which can be used used to retrieve contact details if the recipient is identified by organization number.

Read more about the notification addresses to apply in public administration here.

Altinn user profile

End users can register their preferred contact details for notifications related to organizations in their Altinn profile. These contact details can be used when the recipient is identified by organization number.