Last modified: May 23, 2024

User guide

A user guide for the notification service

We are working on providing you with new and updated guidelines on usage of Altinn Notifications. In the meantime existing guidelines for sending notifications through Altinn 2 also apply to Altinn Notifications.

Please familiarize yourself with existing documentation and guidelines



  • The mobile number must contain the country code, preferably with “+”, while “00” would also work (e.g., +47900XXXXX, 0047900XXXXX).
  • SMS to 5-digit numbers is not supported.
  • Norwegian mobile numbers must start with “4” or “9” after the country code “+47.”
    • Valid Mobile Number Examples: +47400XXXXX, +47900XXXXX, 0047400XXXXX, 0047900XXXXX.
    • Invalid Mobile Number Examples: +47500XXXXX, +47600XXXXX, 0047500XXXXX, 0047600XXXXX.

International Mobile Number

  • We also support international mobile numbers (outside of Norway) to send SMS as long as they are valid and provided with a country code.
  • Notifications to 5-digit numbers aren’t supported. Therefore, the mobile number must be more than 5 digits.
  • Country code in the mobile numbers undergo validation against a comprehensive list of country codes.