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Where are personal data processed and stored

Altinn.StudioUsernames, email addresses, affiliation with organization, passwords, GitHub integration, source codeNorth Europe (to be moved to West Europe). Not moved to Norway East due to lack of functionality in Norway East
Altinn.Apps (Service Owner Cluster)
Application InsightsLogging from service owner applicationsWest Europe**
Azure Key VaultSAS definitions for Storage AccountNorway East
Azure Key VaultAPI keys/certificates uploaded by service owner and used by the servicesNorway East
Azure Blob StorageForm data (defined by service owner applications) and binary attachmentsNorway East
Azure Container RegistryImage files (“container images”) of applicationsWest Europe*
Azure Cosmos DbMetadata about submissions for all service owners and usersNorway East
Azure Key VaultSecrets used by the platformNorway East
Azure PostgresStorage of eventsNorway East
Altinn Storage AccountPolicy files from all applicationsNorway East
Log Analytics Workspace/Application insightsLogs from application, services, and clustersWest Europe**
Azure ADUsernames, hashed passwords, phone numbers, namesEurope with some exceptions such as SMS

*The service is not available in Norwegian data centers
** The service is now available in Norway East, but has not yet been moved.

Azure regions

Norway WestNorway
Norway EastNorway