ASP.NET Web Application Template

Description of ASP.NET Web based App template for Altinn Apps

This template is based on a ASP.NET Core Web application with Rest APIs

It is integrated with Altinn Platform making it easy to utilize the functionality provided in Altinn Platform like storage, authentication, authorization and other components.

For web applications that need a web based UI, it has a React based frontend that can be configured in Altinn Studio.

ASP.Net Core is a cross-platform, high performance, open-source framework for building modern cloud-based, Internet-connected application.

Together with the added Altinn functionality in the template, it is a effective platform to build applications powered by Altinn Platform.

Applications based on this templates are buildt as Docker Containers and hosted in Kubernetes.

Template Content

The template contains lots of features to support functionality needed by Apps running in Altinn Apps.

The below describes the different features and possibilities.

App Configuration

The App template based on Asp.Net Core contains different types of standard configuration files.


The Process.xml defines the business process of the app and is based om BPMN 2.0. The app supports differen types of processes.


The Polixy.xml defines the authorization policy with rules. Is based on XACML 3.0.

The XACML is imported in to authorization component.


The Formlayout.json defines the rendering of the UI based on Altinn Studio UI designer.

Text Resources

The App can be breated with multiple langauges at the same time. The different texts are put in language files for each language.


Prefill.json defines the prefill for a app


Defines the docker image

App libraries

The Asp.Net Template uses some libraries created by Altinn.


This library contains controllers for the standard App APIS in a App. The app uses this API to expose all the API’s typical needed by Apps. The API’s are in detailed explained here, the below summaries the most important ones.

Instance API

API for instances

Data Api

API for data

Process Api

API for process management of Apps.

Validation API

API to validate state of the App

Profile Api


The Service Library contains client functionality for platform and other functionality that a App can choose to need.



Contains common functionality needed.



Custom frontend

If the configurable React based UI is to limited for a application need, it is possible to build your own SPA based frontend that uses the


The template contains a test project making it easy to extend with own tests.