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ASP.NET Web Application Template

This template is based on a ASP.NET Core Web application with Rest APIs It is integrated with Altinn Platform making it easy to utilize the functionality provided in Altinn Platform like storage, authentication, authorization and other components. For web applications that need a web based UI, it has a React based frontend that can be configured in Altinn Studio. ASP.Net Core is a cross-platform, high performance, open-source framework for building modern cloud-based, Internet-connected application. »

Altinn Platform

The Altinn Platform consist of several reusable components that support apps deployed in Altinn Apps. The components are deployed as microservices. See below for details about each component. Authentication The authentication component is used by Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform to authenticate users and systems. Authorization The authorization component is used by Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform to authorize users and system. PDF The PDF component is responsible for generating PDF printouts for submitted instances of an app. »


The App is created, designed and build in Altinn Studio and deployed to Altinn Apps. Currently there is only one “App Template” that is used, but in future the App could be based on different types of templates and even different types of frameworks. The App template contains functionality for API, process handling, GUI, and many other features making it easy for the developers to create a Apps to support different types of functional needs. »


NOTE: Work in progress. Stuff will change. API’s have always been important to the Altinn platform. About 50% of all data going throug Altinn to organisations are coming from end user systems implementing Altinn Apis’s (SOAP and REST). More than 100 different vendors of different types of applications integrates with Altinns appi and submits data for different apps. In addition mobile apps and external governmental portal consumes Altinn Apis to allow users to use services outside the Altinn Portal. »

Configuration of Application

Configuring Process The App process is controlled by a BPMN 2.0 process file located in the app repository. See architecture for supported types of steps. Configuration of Authorization Policy The authorization policy is defined as a XACML 3.0 policy file. Configuration of allowed data elements »

Customzing Application

Adding custom API’s It is possible to add custom API’s to the app. The need to be added as web-api controllers in the app project. See development handbook for a step to step guideline for adding custom API’s to the application. Consuming custom API’s A app can consume any REST-API avaiable on the Internet. See development handbook for a step to step guideline for consuming external API’s. Custom frontend If the standard UI-editor is to limited it is possible to build a custom frontend with the single page application (SPA) framework of your choice. »


Prefill The App can prefill data in the datamodels for the app based on standard configuration for profile and register data, but can also prefill data based on data from organisation or prefill based on logic define in the custom app logic defined by the application developer. Data validation The App can validate the datamodel based on the datamodel itself and based on custom app logic defined by the application developer. »

Filestructure in template

The template contains serveral standard files that is added to the repository when app is created. Process The Process.xml defines the business process of the app and is based om BPMN 2.0. The app supports differen types of processes. See standard BPMN file in template XACML The Polixy.xml defines the authorization policy with rules. Is based on XACML 3.0. The XACML is imported in to authorization component. See standard XACML file in template »


A App created in Altinn Studio can have a optional frontend to allow end user use API from web browser. This frontend is a React based SPA (Singe Page Application) that uses configuration to render based settings for a given application. UI rendering The UI-Render functionality in App Frontend render the UI based on configuration set in Altinn Studio. UI-Components The supported UI-components can be seen here Theming In the future Altinn Apps will support theming making it possible to have different style on the App. »

Process handling

A app have a defined business process. The business process can consist of serveral type of task in different orders. If you want details about the business process architechture see Business Process Architecture Tasks Formfilling Signing Payment Events »