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App Process

A App deployed to Altinn Apps will typical have a process to follow. Altinn Apps uses BPMN 2.0 standard to describe the App Process and the App will have functionality to support different types of tasks in the process. Supported Tasks Altinn Studio / Altinn Apps / Altinn Platform will support different processes with different types of task as part of the process Formfilling This is the task where the user or system create and updates data for one more datamodelles defined for the App. »

Application construction components App Backend

In this app template the App Backend is based on ASP.NET Core and is a Web Api application. The App Backend exposes REST-Api’s consumed by a optional App Frontend and/or external systems / mobile apps. The structure of the API’s is documented here The diagram below show how the code is structured in different parts. Altinn.App.Api - Standard API’s The REST-APIS are implemented in different web-api-controllers and uses attribute based routing to identify the correct operation. »

Process Interaction

App backend exposes different APIS that is relevant during a app process. This page show examples Process Interaction App Frontend - App Backend - Full Screen The above example show the following User clicks link to a App from service catalog The browser redirect to the start service page in the app. The react application renders the correct view User click on instantiate button. App Frontend calls instansiate API Instantiate create a new instance with data for the datamodell with prefill and returns instance information that user should be redirect to. »