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Altinn Platform - Authorization

This page is a work-in-progress. Currently we haven’t defined all the resources and operations for the authorization component. The Authorization component exposes a REST-API to Altinn Apps. Authorization is used by the applications to authorize an action requested by the logged in user on a given resource and to retreive policy information. Use the authorization api to manage authorizations in altinn platform. Resources: Actor, Roles Parties A party is a person whom you can represent and perform a request on his behalf. »

Altinn Platform - Storage

The Storage component exposes a REST-API to Altinn Apps. Storage provides persistent storage service for applications in Altinn. It is mostly used by the app-backend to store information about instances and their data elements. It provides a registry of all applications metadata, data types and events. It is also intended to be used by organisations and other clients to read data. Resources: Instance, Application, DataType, ApplicationLogic, InstanceEvent, ApplicationEvent, MessageBoxInstance, ProcessHistory »

Analysis & Design Capabilities

Analysis Enablement Capabilities Requirement Capture Requirements are gathered through: - input on Github - talks with organization See development application components to get a overview over tools and application we use. Use Case/Story Definition The devopsteam has the capability to define uses cases and user stories. See development application components to get a overview over tools and application we use. Requirement Validation Product owners and architects together with the teams are responsible for validation of requirements. »

App Frontend Application Architecture

App Frontend is a Single Page Application built using React + Redux. This application is responsible for presenting a UI to the end user. The application consists of several different features that are responsible for handling the UI for different steps in the workflow. The app frontend is automatically built and deployed to a CDN, and is versioned using semantic versioning. Each App developed in Altinn Studio will reference the app frontend, which will be served by the CDN. »

Application Components

Solution-Specific (Functional) Application Components Solution-Specific (Functional) Application Components describes the different applications and their functional components. It does not go in to detail about technology. Application Construction Components Application Construction Components refers to the required components and configurations needed to create the different applications in the different solutions. Non-Solution-Specific Non-Solution-Specific Application components refer to all components other than the core solution or solution-specific Application typical used for devops »

Application Construction Components

It also describes the internal frameworks used in the different applications and how they consume and produce data. Application construction components for Altinn Apps Application created in Altinn Studio is deployed to Altinn Apps. This documentation covers application construction components for the applications and for monitoring applications for Altinn Apps. Application architecture Altinn Platform Description of the Altinn Platform application architecture Application construction components Altinn Studio The application construction components for Altinn Studio includes all components uses to create the Altinn Studio Applications. »

Application architecture receipt component - Altinn Platform

The profile component is an .NET Core MVC Application exposing a react receipt application, and an internal api for getting the current user. The receipt frontend view is available at http://at21.platform.altinn.cloud/receipt/{instanceOwnerId}/{instanceId}, example https://platform.at21.altinn.cloud/receipt/50002121/a78b3029-009b-4fbc-995d-d8d2abf6f74b The receipt component also exposes an api which is available at http://at21.platform.altinn.cloud/receipt/api/v1, where available resources are defined below. This api is intended for use by the receipt frontend, if you need information about the user you should use the profile component. »