Local build Building an app locally is done by running npm run build from the apps root folder. Some of the react projects also have various other predefined npm tasks, which can be viewed in the package.json file which is located in the root folder of each react project, example src/Altinn.Apps/AppFrontend/react/altinn-app-frontend/package.json Adding new packages to react-applications Adding of a new package in an app is done with lerna in the lerna-folder (/src/react-apps/). »

Build process

Build Pipelines Quality Build When creating a Pull Request a pipeline is building the applications, running tests and style check/linting. TSLint, SonarCloud (for Typescript) and Stylecop (C#) is used for style check/linting. Triggered by: Pull Request Altinn Studio and Runtime Docker Images Separate pipelines will build and deploy the Altinn Studio Docker Image and the Runtime Docker Image to Azure Container Registry. The different Altinn Studio applications (React Apps) is built in seperate Docker images to utilize Docker’s cache technique and minimize unnecessary rebuilding. »