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Docker is used as the container technology for hosting Altinn Studio and Altinn Studio Repos. In Altinn Studio Apps it is used to host the different apps created in Altinn Studio as seperate containers. Links https://www.docker.com https://hub.docker.com https://github.com/docker/docker-ce »


The Kubernetes Package Manager. What is helm? Helm is a kubernetes resource templating tool. Where all the defined kubernetes resources are deployed with combinations of templates and values. Therefore it is called the kubernetes package manager. A helm-package, or a helm-chart is a folder with a set file-structure. . +– altinn-designer | +– templates | | +– tests | | | +– test-connection.yaml | | +– NOTES.txt | | +– _helpers. »


Kubernetes is described as container orchitrastion. That means how containers are run, exposed and all other operations that might be done on a container. Both Altinn Studio and Altinn Studio Apps consists of many different applications running in docker containers. For the Altinn Studio Apps solution this could possible over time be many thousands containers running different end user apps. Kubernetes is used to manage the containers. Kubernetes definitions Kubernetes contains definitions for most of the usecases for containers and can easily be extended with custom resource definitions. »


Traefik is used for load balancing in Altinn Studio Apps. It routes traffic based on tags on the service containers. Details on config can be found on github. Links https://traefik.io https://github.com/containous/traefik »