Altinn Platform - Storage

The Storage component exposes a REST-API to Altinn Apps. Storage is mostly used by the app-backend to store information about instances and their data elements. It provides a registry of all applications metadata, data types and events. It is also intended to be used by organisations and other clients to read data. Resources: Instance, Application, DataType, ApplicationLogic, InstanceEvent, ApplicationEvent, MessageBoxInstance, ProcessHistory. Instance An application instance is created when a instance owner (reportee) starts a process in an Altinn application. »


The authentication component is not an ID-provider and only create authentication sessions based on external ID-providers. The authentication component creates JWT tokens with claims about user and system. The claims are based on the authentication information coming from the ID-providers. Token exchange for Altinn Portal When a user logs in to the Altinn Portal (Legacy Solution) it gets a Cookie containing information about the logged-in user. This cookie is a propiaritary format for ASP. »


The authorization component as based on XACML 3.0 and support both simple and complex policies defined for applications. The Policy Decision Point The Policy Retriavel Point identifes the correct policy for a request The context handler get all information needed to authorize the request. The authorization component consist of a Policy Decision Point (PDP), Policy Retriaval Point (PRP) and is integrated with other external Policy Information Points. Apps integrated with PDP to authorize access to applications. »


The Events component supports storage of events in Azure Cosmos Db. Both Apps and Platform can create events. »


The endpoints available in the pdf component is documented here. See all open issues for pdf on Github. »


Apps uses it to present information about logged in user or other user information. See all open issues for Profile on Github. »


The Receipt component is build to present receipt for all apps. Since apps over time will be removed from Altinn Apps, but the data will live forever, the Receipt component is responsible for presenting a generic receipt view. »


ER - Enhetsregisteret - Information about organisations in Norway DSF - Det Sentrale Folkeregisteret - Information about citizens in Norway. ER - Enhetsregisteret ER registeret can be used to prefill information, retrieve information based on user input or for validation of input of users. Altinn Platform does not have a own copy of ER. It currently uses Altinn II plaform as source for register. See Application architecture for details. »


Storage support storage of structured and unstructured data for apps. Apps that need the cabability to store data uses the storage service in the Altinn platform to store both metadata and actual data. Metadata Stored in Azure Cosmos Db. Formdata and attachments Stored in Azure Blob Storage. One storage account for each application owner. Additional details See Application Architecture for details about the solutions components in Storage. »