Last modified: Feb 26, 2024


.NET Core

.NET Core logo .NET Core is the cross-platform and open source development framework used in Altinn 3. ASP.NET Core is used for developing APIs. We’ve also published a few packages on Altinn ❤️ dotnet. Links Documentation Download License Roadmap Docker Hub Runtime ASP.NET »

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux logo We’re using Alpine Linux as the base for all our containers, including all apps. Links »


C# is the server-side development language used in Altinn Studio. Links Extension for Visual Studio Code C# documentation C# language design History »


Docker logo Docker is used as the container technology for hosting Altinn Studio Designer and Altinn Studio Repos. In Altinn Apps it is used to host the different apps created in Altinn Studio as seperate containers. Altinn ❤️ containers. Links »


Git logo Everything we make is stored in Git repositories in GitHub. Every app you make is stored in Git repositories in Altinn Studio. Altinn ❤️ Git. Links »


Gitea logo Gitea is the product that is powering Altinn Studio Repos. Links »


The Go Gopher (\"the larger the cuter!!\") Go is the programming language that has been used for developing many of the products we use in Altinn Studio, such as Gitea, Kubernetes, Docker, Traefik, Helm, Grafana, Prometheus, Terraform and Hugo. Links »


Grafana logo Grafana is an open platform for analytics and monitoring that we use when monitoring Altinn Studio. Links »


Helm logo What is helm? Helm is a kubernetes resource templating tool. Where all the defined kubernetes resources are deployed with combinations of templates and values. Therefore it is called the kubernetes package manager. A helm-package, or a helm-chart is a folder with a set file-structure. +-- altinn-designer | +-- templates | | +-- tests | | | +-- test-connection.yaml | | +-- NOTES.txt | | +-- _helpers.tpl | | +-- deployment. »


Hugo logo Hugo is a static site generator that we use for generating and from markdown. Altinn ❤️ Hugo. Links »