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Automated test app

Rules Conditional rules Validation API connections Automated test app This is an app which should only be used to run automated tests against. It contains these components: Title Paragraph Input Textarea Checkbox Radio button Attachment Datepicker Address API Bring postnummer API Button All the components are connected to the datamodel. Rules In the input field with the label Kort svar komponent (dynamics) for automatisert testing, write a year there (i. »


Postman To test API endpoints the tool postman enables easy configuration and setup of various HTTP requests, read more about postman here. Authentication Several of the exposed APIs requires various cookies, for instance authentication and gitea information. To be able to do requests against these APIs the cookies have to be included in the HTTP request, and configured in postman. The cookies can be found in the following way: - In your browser login to dev. »


Coding guidelines for tests Automated test app An app used solely for automated testing in the browser Postman API Testing with postman Test Coverage Automation testcases by area Test Strategy Test Strategy Testcafe Testcafe Unit testing How to write jest test in altinn studio, what we know so far WCAG testing in Altinn Studio Coding guidelines for tests »

Test Coverage

Testcafe tests Sl.No. Testcase name Area of Solution 1. Login to altinn studio All areas 2. Cannot create new app, as app name already exists Dashboard 3. Happy case; deploy an app to a test environment after a change Deploy to test 4. App cannot deploy due to compilation error Deploy to test 5. App cannot be deployed due to uncomitted local changes Deploy to test 6. »

Test Strategy

What should be tested? In tjenester 3.0, there is a need for both testing Altinn Studio, the app designer, as well as testing apps that are developed by an app developer in Altinn Studio Runtime. Testing these two areas of Altinn Studio requires different approaches. Testing of Altinn Studio is to be tested automatically at the unit and integration levels of testing. Unit testing of the system involves, for example, the testing of individual javascript functions, and individual pieces of logic relating to react/UI components. »


This document describes how one can start working on a test cafe project from installtion of plugins, cloning the project to run tests and pipeline information. Clone project in Visual Studio Code Create account in github.com Get write access to AltinnStudio - https://github.com/Altinn/altinn-studio Use windows 10 image with docker. Create a folder - C:\Repos Open Visual Studio Code Ctrl + Shift + P -> Create New Integrated Terminal Terminal opens down of Visual Studio Code. »

Testcafe - Tests

This document describes how one can start writing tests on a test cafe project , and debug of the tests. Procedure to write general testcafe test Find a test case and area that has to be automated. Find the ‘-tests.js’ file that the test case has to be added or create a new folder and new .js file for the test under src/test/Testcafe. Identify and add the page objects with the selectors information under respective file under src/test/Testcafe/page-objects. »

Unit testing

Introduction to unit testing with Jest This page summarizes how UI testing is performed with Jest and related libraries for Altinn Studio. Introduction to unit testing with Jest When should you write tests? Exporting and importing your component Methods in your component User Interface and Methods Networked functions (get, post, put) Rejecting Promises / Error testing / Negative tests Using Router Example #1, positive test Example #2, negative test (Error handling) When should you write tests? »

WCAG testing in Altinn Studio

This document describes how to see results of testcafe wcag tests, and how to write new wcag tests in testcafe. See the general testcafe documentation for a recipe on how to set up a development environment for writing testcafe test. Testing Altinn studio for accesibility with testcafe and axe-core WCAG tests run in Altinn Studio using the testcafe UI test project, with some additional plug-ins: axe-testcafe is the plug-in used for Altinn studio, see documentation here. »