Last modified: May 28, 2024


System documentation for Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform.

Altinn Studio is the next generation Altinn application development and hosting solution. All you need for testing Studio is to register an account.

Altinn 3 have an open backlog on GitHub and the code is open source. Everybody can create bugs, request features or ask questions.

Altinn as lego
Building the new Altinn. One brick at the time...

  • Architecture

    Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform has a modern cloud native architecture. This documentation describes everything from the requirements affecting the architecture to the defined capabilities and the components that provides them.

  • Solutions

    The latest generation Altinn platform lets you build, test, host, and monitor your digital services in the cloud.

  • Terms

    Description of the most common terms used in the documentation for Altinn Studio.

  • Tools and frameworks

    The open source tech used in Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform.