Last modified: Mar 13, 2023


Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform has a modern cloud native architecture. This documentation describes everything from the requirements affecting the architecture to the defined capabilities and the components that provides them.

How is the architecture documented?

The non functional and functional requirements have given input to which devops and runtime capabilities that is needed in the solutions. It also have given input which type of components that is needed to implement the capabilities.

The Architecture Principles and Architecture Patterns has been decided based on requirements and other goals with the new solutions. The Principles and patterns has been deciding factors how the components implements the capabilities needed.

The diagram below show the relationships and you can click the elements to read more about each architecture artifact or select in menu or section below diagram.

Download as Visio.

  • Architecture Requirements

    Functional and non-functional requirements for the different solutions has been important to shape the architecture.

  • Architecture Principles

    The Architecture Principles are guidelines for the construction of the architecture in Altinn 3.

  • Architecture Patterns

    The architecture defines some patterns that is reused accross the different solutions.

  • Architecture Capabilities

    Architecture Capabilities are the logical building blocks of the solutions. They have been grouped into Development & Operations (DevOps) Capabilities and Runtime (Execution) Capabilities.

  • Architecture Components

    Architecture Components describes the application, data, platform and infrastructure components that provides the capabilities.