Last modified: Mar 13, 2023

Architecture Capabilities

Architecture Capabilities are the logical building blocks of the solutions. They have been grouped into Development & Operations (DevOps) Capabilities and Runtime (Execution) Capabilities.

Functional capabilities are described in the functional description of the solutions.

Runtime capabilities

The runtime capabilities describe the architecture capabilities the different solutions provide during runtime operations.

An example could be authorization. The architecture provides the capability to authorize access to resources.

Since Altinn 3 is a platform letting its users develop applications and deploy them, you will see that many capabilities that typical is DevOps capabilities in other projects, is part of the runtime capabilities. An example of this is the capability to build and deploy applications

Learn more about Altinn 3 runtime capabilities.

DevOps capabilities

To develop and operate a large platform like Altinn 3 requires many different capabilities.

Some capabilities are provided by application and tools and other is provided by processes performed by the DevOps team.

An example capability is to be able to configure the infrastructure.

Learn more about Altinn 3 DevOps capabilities.

  • Runtime arhictecture capabilities

    The runtime (execution) capabilities desribes the provided capabilites by the architecture components at runtime.

  • Development & Operations Capabilities

    The development & operations architecture capabilities list the capabilities used to develop and operate the Altinn 3 platform, including Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps, and Altinn Platform.