Last modified: Mar 13, 2023

Build & Test Capabilities

It involves everything from the capability to write and build code to the different types of testing of the code.

Below is a list of the capabilities with a short description and possible link to the different components providing that capability.

Software Generation Capabilities

Code & Config Writing Capability

Most of our code is written manually.

See development application components to get an overview of our tools and applications.

Software Defined Infrastructure Definition Enablement

We use Terraform to define infrastructure.

Build & Integration Enablement Capabilities

Software Compilation & Validation

The project uses .Net, Java, or Typescript compilers.

Sofware Linking & Packaging

The project can build different software packages.

See development application components for details on how we do this.

Build Orchestration

We use Auzure Pipelines to build the source code for releases..

See development application components to get a overview over tools and application we use.

Continuous Integration Capabilities

Github Actions are used for Continuous Integration.

When a pull request is created a build is triggered that builds the code and run unit and integration tests.

This is setup for relevant GitHub repositories.


Test Management Capabilities

Test Case & Script Creation & Management

For Altinn 2, we have manual test scripts in TFS. For Altinn 3, there are no manual test scripts.

The DevOps teams use Github to store the automatic test scripts.

Test Execution Tracking & Reporting

For functionality, for Altinn 2 platform, the tracking is performed in TFS.

For automatic tests covering Altinn 3 functionality, this is tracked in Azure Pipelines.

Test Data Creation & Management

  • Test data for local testing and integration testing is kept in Github.

Test Execution & Automation Capabilities

Functional Test

The DevOps team can perform automatic functional testing. Testing is done with the help of Cypress and runs from Azure DevOps pipelines.


Unit Test

As part of the development, unit tests are created. The tests run for every pull request.

Sonarcloud verifies test coverage.

Service & API Test

The teams use Postman for API testing.

Performance Testing & Profiling