An important DevOps capability is to have different environments to deploy the different solutions part of the Altinn 3 platform.

Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform is deployed in serveral environments for different usage.

Development Environments

Available at staging.altinn.studio for Altinn Studio

Test environment

We have serveral internal test environments used for testing.

Available at at22.altinn.cloud

Available at at23.altinn.cloud

Available at at24.altinn.cloud

Available at dev.altinn.studio for Altinn Studio.

Pre Production Environemnt

This environment used by the application/service owners to test applications created in Altinn Studio.

Available at tt02.altinn.no

Production Environment

Available at www.altinn.no for Altinn 2/ Altinn 3

Available at altinn.studio for Altinn Studio