Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

Backup & Recovery

As part of the Altinn 3 platform architecture we use different tools to have the capability to backup & restore data

It is important to reduce the risk of losing data on the platform. The risks that are identified are

  • Data is deleted by accident by DevOps team or by wrongly configured jobs
  • Data is corrupted by bugs in platform or application code
  • Data is accidentally corrupted or deleted by end-users or systems
  • A storage account is deleted
  • Blob storage is deleted
  • Cosmos DB collection is accidentally deleted

In Altinn Platform different types of data is stored

Cosmos DB

  • Instances: Metadata about instances created
  • InstanceEvents
  • DataElements
  • Applications

Blob Storage

  • Data for data elements (structured and unstructured data, small to potential gigabytes of data)
  • XACML Policy for applications

The requirement is that we are able to restore data up to 90 days. The platform support this requirement for all types of data listed above.

See all details about the backup and recovery components.