Last modified: Oct 10, 2022

Project Management Capabilities

Project Management Capabilities cover the different capabilities to manage the project.

Most of the project capabilties is not listed.

Most of the project capabilities are not listed.

The ones listed are where we use technologies and techniques that can be shared/reused.

Backlog managmenent and prioritazion

The different product owners manage the backlog for Altinn.

The overall roadmap is available on this GitHub roadmap project.

The issues in the roadmap project are based on the Roadmap repository or the different repositories used by the various teams/components.

The process to analyse and prioritize roadmap items is decribed here

Team Studio

Team Platform

Team Authorization

Repositories are managed directly in Github and in Zenhub.

Burn-down / Tracking

The project tracks the burn-down in Github and Zenhub.

Every morning the different teams av a daily meeting to follow up on progress.