Last modified: May 2, 2023

Software Configuration & Release Management Capabilities

Software Configuration & Release Management Capabilities process of tracking changes and handling new releases for an application

Version, Release & Artefact Management Capabilities

Version Management

Azure DevOps pipelines control the version of each component. Each build gets its version. So the DevOps team can install an older component version at any time. In addition, the published NuGet packages have different versions handled by NuGet.

Software Configuration Management

We use value files in Azure DevOps for Helm Charts to control the different configurations for different environments. In addition, Azure Key vaults store configuration secrets.

Release Management

Azure Devops

Most applicatons have release management in Azure DevOps.

Azure DevOps Release Pipelines control the different releases in different environments.

From the Release Pipeline Dashboard, the DevOps team can see releases. For example, in the below screenshot, you see info about release 364 of the Authorization component.

Release Managenet
Release management in Azure DevOps

Github Release Management

We have started using Github Actions to perform build for some components.

The first Component is Access Managment Frontend

The Build Action build codes and publish container to Github Container Registry

The Schedule Release Action tags the last release (code and container)

Deploy trigger deploy to tt or prod based on tag

Continuous Del. Pipeline Management

The goal is to deliver continuously. For our AT environments, new code deploys automatically. For TT02 and production, there is currently a weekly deployment. Production deployment is on Tuesday, and TT02 is on Wednesday.

Deployment Capabilities

Deployment Orchestration Capabilities

Azure DevOps pipelines manage the orchestration of deploys. Both automatic deploys and deploys that require approvals by team members.

Azure Devops
Deploy orchestration - Approval of production deploy

See development application components to get a overview over tools and application we use.

  • Deployment

    The Altinn Studio components are deployed as two different solutions.