Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

Altinn Studio - Deployment Architecture

The Altinn Studio App Development solution is deployed to a Kubernetes Cluster.

NOTE: Outdated stuff alert! Needs to be updated. Runtime is no longer deployed as part of Studio.

The diagram below show the different applications that is part this.

Altinn Studio
Altinn Studio


Gitea is used as Repository in Altinn Studio App Development solution. There is one instance of Gitea running in a docker container in the solution. It uses cloud service database and cloud file share for configuration and remote repos.

The Repository is accessed both from the designer application and from code IDE’s from app developers computers.


Designer is the web based editor for anything related to the app development (UI, workflow, rules, ++). It runs as a Linux container.


NGINX is used for routing between the different applications.

Local Developer

App Developers can use locally installed IDE and other tools and communicate directly with the repository. This is targeted for the more experienced developers.

Local Developer with Altinn Studio

For developers that is required to develop custom widgets (React) they can install Altinn Studio locally on their computer. (Altinn Studio support both Windows, Linux and macOS)