Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

Data management Capabilities

Data management capabilities range from handling data to defining data models for applications in Altinn Studio

Data Processing Capabilities

Data Access

The technical architecture for the different solutions has the capability to access data from different types of data stores.

Data Validation

The platform has the capability to validate data according to the data model or to custom rules defined in code.

Report generation

It is possible to generate reports based on data.

TODO: Add scenario where relevant

Data Enrichment & Aggregation

A application developer can define data enrichment logic that enrich data.

Data Storage Capabilities

Data Caching

The technical architecture has the capability to support caching.

Data persistency

The techincal architecture has serverel differen data persistence capabilities through different storage technologies.

Data partitioning & Segregation

The data infrastructure has the capabiltity to partion data.

Replication & Synchronization

The data infrastructure has the capabilitiy to replicate & synchronize data.