Last modified: Feb 26, 2024

Process Interaction

App backend exposes different APIS that is relevant during a app process.

This page show examples

Process Interaction App Frontend - App Backend

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The above example show the following

  • User clicks link to a App from service catalog

  • The browser redirect to the start service page in the app. The react application renders the correct view

  • User click on instantiate button.

  • App Frontend calls instantiate API

  • Instantiate create a new instance with data for the datamodell with prefill and returns instance information that user should be redirect to.

  • User/browser open the instance

  • App frontend calls app backed to get the instance state

  • App Frontend render the correct component for the given state.

  • User input data . App Frontend call Data API to update data. If calculation or data retrieval causes additional data updates on server side, the response indicates to app frontend to get the latest data

  • App frontend gets the updated data 9 and 10 is repeated as long user has data to input

  • User press complete/send inn button

  • App frontend Saves data

  • App frontend calls validation API and any possible errors are presented to the user. If

  • If no errors are returned App Frontend call Process API to complete Task. Process Api trigger task validation to make sure it is allowed to move process forward. If validation fails, process API returns

Process Interaction End User System - App Backend -

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Process Interaction Sirius Use case

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