Last modified: Sep 8, 2021

Application architecture receipt component - Altinn Platform

The receipt component is an application exposing a React receipt application, and internal APIs.

The receipt frontend view is available at{instanceOwnerId}/{instanceId}.

The receipt component also exposes apis that are intended for use by the receipt frontend. If you need information about the user, instance or party you should use their respective platform components.

Receipt backend exposes two enitities through API endpoints prefixed with; user and extendedInstance


A user is the entity which is logged in in Altinn and performs actions for on behalf of an instance owner.


Get information about the currently logged in user



The extended instance object holds metadata about and instance and party data related to the instance owner.

    "instance": {},
    "party": {}


Get instance and party data for a given instance id. It is optional to include the party data, and this can be regulated using the query parameter includeParty.