Application architecture authentication component - Altinn Platform

The Authentication component is an a ASP.NET Core MVC Application exposing REST-API to Altinn Apps.

The solution is available at

Authenticate user

The authentication resource enables authenticating a user and redirecting it to another Altinn-url. If the user is not authenticated already it will be sent to the login page before redirecting the user to its final destination {url}.

GET /authentication?goto={url}

Refresh a valid JwtToken

GET /refresh

Exchange a JWT token from an external token provider

Accepted providers include: maskinporten and id-porten. Request must include a bearer token in the authorization header. Set test equal to true if retrieving a token for Testdepartementet. (This ony works with maskinporten as the token provider.)

A token from id-porten contains both an id-token and and access-token. Only the access token it to be exhanged using this endpoint.
GET /exchange/{tokenProvider}?test={bool}