Resource Registry

The Resource Registry


The service registry will contain information about the service resources

See Github #24

Type of resources

There are different types of resources that can be registrated

  • Altinn 3 apps - Refered with org/app id
  • Altinn 2 Services - Refered with externalServiceCode and EditionCode
  • Service Resources

Altinn 3 Apps

Apps hosted in Altinn 3 Apps will be registred in the Altinn Service Registry.

The referenced id would be org/app

The registration is required to be able to list apps that is included in the rights for a group

Altinn 2 Services

Apps hosted in Altinn 2 platform will be registrated in Altinn Service Registry

The reference id would be externalServiceCode/serviceeditionCode

Altinn Service Resource

The service resource would be any type of service provided by public or private organiazations

Resource Regis