Solution-specific application components Altinn Studio Designer

Altinn Studio Designer is the custom appliaction where app developers manage and creates applications.

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Altinn Studio Designer contains serveral functional components/modules.

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen gives information to the user.


Welcome screen


Dashboard let the app developer search and find applications developed in Altinn Studio. It possible to search across all orgs the developer has access to.



App Creation

App creation functionaliy lets the app developer create applications.

During this process the app developer can select the org that will own the app and the repository name for that app.

Application creation

Create app

App Info

Application info module lets the user change the name of the app and add descriptions

Application information

About the app

UI Editor

The UI-editor lets the app developer create a UI interface with WYSIWYG


The UI-Editor


The datamodel functionality lets the developer upload a XSD for datamodel creation in app.

When datamodel is uploaded a C# classes is generated based on this and metadata about datamodel is created.


Data modelling

Build & Deploy

Build & Deploy functionality includes functionality to

  • Build created app to a docker container
  • Upload docker container to a container registry
  • Register the build in to a database
  • Let the app developer select a previous build and deploy that container to a specific Altinn Apps environment (test, performance test, production ++)
Build & Deploy



Process functionality lets the app developer configure the given process that a user/system acessing the developed app should follow.


The text module lets the app developer define the texts for a given app.



Logic Editor

The logic editor module lets the app developer create and modify app logic like validation and calculation. This is a very simple browser based editor. The recomendation is to clone the app repository and edit the code in a regular IDE like Visual Studio Code

Logic Editor

Coding some logic

Policy Administration Point

As part of the application development process the developer defines the authorization policies for the app.

Read more about PAP and policies.

  • Policy Administration Point

    The Policy Administration Point in Altinn Studio lets the application developer define the authorization policy for the application created.