Last modified: May 16, 2024

Logical datamodel

The logcical datamodel describes the data entities that is stored.

The following diagram shows the different entities stored. Click on the entity for the physical model used.

Logical datamodel
Logical datamodel

Data is stored in Cosmos DB as JSON documents. In addition we use object database to store the raw objects of business data that org has defined for the application.

Cosmos collections
Cosmos collections


EntityStorageCreated by
InstanceCosmos DBuser/app owner
InstanceEventCosmos DBuser/app owner
InstanceDataCosmos DBuser/app owner
DataBlob storageuser/app owner
ApplicationsCosmos DBapp owner

See below for details


Usage: The instance is the central metadatadocument for a given “data instance” created by a specific application. It contains information about the reportee for the specific instance, which app the instance belongs to, information about when it was created, and current process status.

Created by: The instance document is created when someone with the needed rights create a new instance for a given app. It could be a user with roles or the org.

Storage: This document is stored in Cosmos DB in a shared collection. This to make it possible to search for instances across reportees/apps.


Usage: The instanceEvents contains information about events that users or other have performed on the instance. This include times for for it. Used to present information to users and org.

Created by: The application creates the events when events happen

Storage: This document is stored in a Cosmos DB in a shared collection. Storage components

Storage: This document is stored in a shared Cosmos DB collection through the Storage component.


Usage: Contains the metadata about data for an instance. Refer to the physical data file

Created by: Created by storage component when data is added to an instance

Storage: This document is stored in Cosmos DB in a shared collection.


Usage: The data is any structured or unstructured data that the org receives or send through the app. Size can vary from few bytes to Gigabytes.

Created by: Data can be created by both an end user and the application owner.

Storage: Store in Azure blob storage in a isolated storage for each org


Usage: Contains information about app events. Structured as cloud event. Created to support external consumptions

Created by: Applications creates events based on logic or standard events.

Storage: Stored in PostgreSQL for 90 days.



Usage: Used for texts in application. Connected to a given app

Created by Application developer

Storage: Cosmos DB in a shared collection

Data Entities - Altinn Platform


Example document from instance.

appId is the reference to the app.

    "id": "3cc58033-128e-414d-86c2-d652af251b39",
    "instanceOwner": {
        "partyId": "50002123",
        "personNumber": "01054210007"
    "appId": "ttd/rip-livsgnist",
    "org": "ttd",
    "title": {
        "nb": "rip-livsgnist"
    "process": {
        "started": "2020-01-16T10:54:04.7691165Z",
        "startEvent": "StartEvent_1",
        "ended": "2020-01-16T11:11:16.6358823Z",
        "endEvent": "EndEvent_1"
    "status": {
        "archived": "2020-01-16T11:11:16.6358823Z"
    "created": "2020-01-16T10:54:05.0591613Z",
    "createdBy": "20000015",
    "lastChanged": "2020-01-16T11:11:21.4678343Z",
    "lastChangedBy": "20000015",
    "_rid": "Mx4uAJesYy0BAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/Mx4uAA==/colls/Mx4uAJesYy0=/docs/Mx4uAJesYy0BAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_etag": "\"00004300-0000-3c00-0000-5e2044d90000\"",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1579173081


Example document from data items.

  • instanceGuid references to instance
  • blobstoragePath references to the storage location for the given data
    "instanceGuid": "7eae6eec-f686-40b6-bc57-6fafc8c94f13",
    "id": "94f277a5-7d37-48e1-973c-92fb1f84f83a",
    "dataType": "ServiceModel-test",
    "contentType": "application/xml",
    "blobStoragePath": "ttd/endring-av-navn-v2/7eae6eec-f686-40b6-bc57-6fafc8c94f13/data/94f277a5-7d37-48e1-973c-92fb1f84f83a",
    "size": 1515,
    "locked": false,
    "refs": [],
    "created": "2020-01-20T09:07:59.5480429Z",
    "lastChanged": "2020-01-20T09:08:48.3218863Z",
    "lastChangedBy": "20013900",
    "_rid": "Mx4uAOy+834VAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/Mx4uAA==/colls/Mx4uAOy+834=/docs/Mx4uAOy+834VAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_etag": "\"00004c00-0000-3c00-0000-5e256e210000\"",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1579511329


Example of an instance event.

instanceId references to the instance.

    "user": {
        "userId": 20000015,
        "orgId": null,
        "authenticationLevel": 1,
        "endUserSystemId": null
    "instanceId": "50002123/3cc58033-128e-414d-86c2-d652af251b39",
    "created": "2020-01-16T10:54:05.1706031Z",
    "eventType": "Created",
    "instanceOwnerPartyId": "50002123",
    "processInfo": {
        "started": "2020-01-16T10:54:04.7691165Z",
        "startEvent": "StartEvent_1",
        "currentTask": {
            "flow": 2,
            "started": "2020-01-16T10:54:04.7871455Z",
            "elementId": "Task_1",
            "name": "Utfylling",
            "altinnTaskType": "data"
    "id": "5c57d85b-18e4-4215-9976-065290ef086f",
    "_rid": "Mx4uAImMTtoBAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/Mx4uAA==/colls/Mx4uAImMTto=/docs/Mx4uAImMTtoBAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_etag": "\"0900c6e2-0000-3c00-0000-5e2040cd0000\"",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1579172045


Example document on application:

    "id": "ttd-testavpdf-2020",
    "versionId": "7cfd1c857a8535c74690aa7d6c22258c94eabf6f",
    "org": "ttd",
    "title": {
        "nb": "testavpdf-2020"
    "validFrom": "2020-01-14T11:39:00.3281424Z",
    "dataTypes": [
            "id": "ServiceModel",
            "allowedContentTypes": [
            "appLogic": {
                "autoCreate": null,
                "classRef": null,
                "schemaRef": null
            "taskId": "Task_1",
            "maxCount": 1,
            "minCount": 1
            "id": "ref-data-as-pdf",
            "allowedContentTypes": [
            "maxCount": 0,
            "minCount": 0
    "partyTypesAllowed": {
        "bankruptcyEstate": false,
        "organisation": false,
        "person": false,
        "subUnit": false
    "created": "2020-01-14T11:39:00.3281424Z",
    "lastChanged": "2020-01-14T11:39:00.3281424Z",
    "_rid": "Mx4uAL3TuwQBAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/Mx4uAA==/colls/Mx4uAL3TuwQ=/docs/Mx4uAL3TuwQBAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_etag": "\"00008644-0000-3c00-0000-5e1da8540000\"",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1579001940


  "source":  "",
  "subject": "party/234234422",
  "type": "app.instance.process.completed",
  "time":  "2020-02-20T09:06:50.3736712Z",
  "id": "91f2388f-bd8c-4647-8684-fd9f68af5b14",
  "alternativesubject": "/organisation/974760673"

Data entities - Altinn Studio


Example document for releases:

    "tagName": "1",
    "name": "1",
    "body": "ver 1",
    "targetCommitish": "304e64a5b768a1a438f5682f05c81f1e3f4806e8",
    "build": {
        "id": "25639",
        "status": "completed",
        "result": "failed",
        "started": "2020-01-28T14:26:38.776664Z",
        "finished": "2020-01-28T14:27:50.8388306Z"
    "id": "a361d1c8-11a1-49fb-8775-59f231aadcd5",
    "created": "2020-01-28T14:26:22.167018+00:00",
    "createdBy": "jeeva",
    "app": "apps-test",
    "org": "ttd",
    "_rid": "9g8wAPi8x1cLAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/9g8wAA==/colls/9g8wAPi8x1c=/docs/9g8wAPi8x1cLAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_etag": "\"10008d1b-0000-0c00-0000-5e3044f90000\"",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1580221689


Example document for deployments:

    "tagName": "1",
    "envName": "at22",
    "build": {
        "id": "25637",
        "status": "completed",
        "result": "succeeded",
        "started": "2020-01-28T14:17:53.0563266Z",
        "finished": "2020-01-28T14:18:39.2312059Z"
    "id": "682e31ee-3aeb-4f28-b457-98db2f34ece6",
    "created": "2020-01-28T14:17:37.2229801+00:00",
    "createdBy": "steph",
    "app": "process-history-app",
    "org": "ttd",
    "_rid": "9g8wAKEPFmYBAAAAAAAAAA==",
    "_self": "dbs/9g8wAA==/colls/9g8wAKEPFmY=/docs/9g8wAKEPFmYBAAAAAAAAAA==/",
    "_etag": "\"04007c5a-0000-0c00-0000-5e3042ca0000\"",
    "_attachments": "attachments/",
    "_ts": 1580221130

Altinn Studio Repositories

Altinn Studio Repositories uses Gitea, that uses a PostgreSQL database.

See Gitea project and models/models.go.