Last modified: Mar 13, 2023

Presentation Components

Presentation Components are in charge of processing information and making it accessible to users.

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Proxy Servers

In Altinn Studio we use NGINX as a proxy server. In Altinn Apps and Platform, Traefik is used.


For Altinn apps we have create a CDN for storing common files used by browsers. A example is App Frontend.

Read all about Altinn CDN.

Web server

For Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform we use Kestrel as the web server/ application server for applications. Read more about Kestrel.

For Java Applications we use Tomcat.

SPA Frameworks

Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform uses React as Single Page Application framework.

Read more about coding in our development handbook.

Dynamic webpage frameworks

A few views in Altinnn Studio are still ASP.NET pages coded with Razor syntax.

  • Altinn CDN

    Description of Altinn Content Delivery Network