The latest generation Altinn platform consist of serveral solutions.

“Altinn solutions diagram”

Altinn 3 solutions

  • Altinn ReStorage

    Altinn ReStorage is a comand line application that can be used by operators to recover and restore data from Altinn Platform Storage.

  • Altinn Apps

    Altinn Apps is a flexible and scalable infrastructure for containerized applications created in Altinn Studio.

  • Altinn CLI

    Altinn CLI is a command line application that can be used by app owners to access Altinn APIs.

  • Altinn Platform

    Altinn Platform contains components with central functionality that can be used by apps. Currently, this is storage, authentication, authorization, profile, register, receipt, pdf and events.

  • Altinn Studio

    Altinn Studio is the design-time solution for developing, maintaining, building and deploying applications. Applications created can target both simple and complex user scenarios and have a modern web native architecture.