Last modified: May 15, 2023


The latest generation Altinn platform lets you build, test, host, and monitor your digital services in the cloud.

The platform consists of several solutions to provide this.

“Altinn solutions diagram”
Altinn 3 solutions

Altinn Studio

Altinn Studio is the design-time solution for developing, maintaining, building, and deploying applications. Applications created can target simple and complex user scenarios and have modern web-native architecture.

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Altinn Apps

Altinn Apps is a flexible and scalable infrastructure for containerized applications created in Altinn Studio.

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Altinn Platform

Altinn Platform contains components with central functionality that apps and other consumers can use. Functionality includes storage, authentication, authorization, profile, register, receipt, pdf, and events.

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Altinn App Template

The Altinn App template is an application template with prebuilt functionality for the most common scenarios for digital services.

Altinn Studio base all apps on this template. In addition, the template contains integration with Altinn Platform to use the power of the standard functionality provided by Altinn Platform.

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Altinn CLI

Altinn CLI is a command line application that app owners can use to access Altinn APIs.

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Altinn ReStorage

Altinn ReStorage is a command-line application that operators can use to recover and restore data from Altinn Platform Storage.

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