REST-API for End User Systems

Description of the REST APIs for end user systems.

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NOTE: Work in progress. Stuff will change

The main API-channel for data in the platform is REST for apps created in Altinn Studio.

The end user system needs to call different APIS based on the need. The below figure show the different components relevant for an end-user system calling Altinn through REST.

End-user REST

End-user REST

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API to authenticate end user systems

For new API’s the goal is to use JWT Tokens to authenticate against the API.

Altinn Apps will expose apis to authenticate end user systems and user of end user systems and return JWT Tokens that can be used against the other API’s.

API to create new data instance for an app

From end user systems it will be possible to create a instance of an App from a end user system. This is a URL directly to the app and unique.

See Application Users API.