Template filestructure

Description of the files in the ASP.NET Core template.

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The template contains serveral standard files that is added to the repository when app is created.


The Process.xml defines the business process of the app and is based om BPMN 2.0. The app supports differen types of processes.

See standard BPMN file in template.


The Polixy.xml defines the authorization policy with rules. Is based on XACML 3.0.

The XACML is imported in to authorization component.

See standard XACML file in template.


The Formlayout.json defines the rendering of the UI based on Altinn Studio UI designer. For Apps without frontend this is not needed.

Text Resources

The App can be breated with multiple langauges at the same time. The different texts are put in language files for each language.


Prefill.json defines the prefill for a app.


Defines the docker image.