Last modified: May 12, 2023

Altinn Platform

Altinn Platform contains components with central functionality for apps hosted in Altinn and other consumers.

Components are hosted in scalable cloud infrastructure and designed as microservices.

See below for details about each component.


The authentication component provides functionality to authenticate users and systems accessing Altinn Apps and Altinn platform components.

Support external ID providers through OIDC.

Learn more about Altinn Authentication


The authorization components provide advanced and flexible authorization functionality for apps hosted in Altinn and other external consumers.

The authorization is Attribute-based and uses XACML 3.0.

Learn more about Altinn Authorization


The Events component allows apps and other producers to publish events. Consumers can subscribe to events.

Learn more about Altinn Events


The Notifications components allow notifying users.


The PDF component is responsible for generating PDF printouts for submitted instances of an app.

Learn more about Altinn PDF


The Profile component gives profile information for users in Altinn.

Learn more about Altinn Profile


The Receipt component in Altinn Platform presents a receipt for apps available from messagebox.

Learn more about Altinn Receipt


The Register micro service gives register information to Apps and other consumers. This include the entity (business) register and the person register.

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The Storage component gives flexible storage capabilities to the apps.

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