Altinn Platform

Altinn Platform contains components with central functionality that can be used by apps. Currently, this is storage, authentication, authorization, profile, register, receipt, pdf and events.

The components are deployed as microservices.

See below for details about each component.

  • Authentication

    The authentication component provides functionality to authenticate users and systems accessing Altinn Apps and Altinn platform.

  • Authorization

    The authorization component contains a highly flexible policy decision point and policy retrieval point to authorize access to applications and Altinn platform components.

  • Events

    The Events component receives and publishes events.

  • PDF

    The PDF component is responsible for generating PDF printouts for submitted instances of an app.

  • Profile

    The Profile component gives profile information for users in Altinn.

  • Receipt

    The Receipt component in Altinn Platform presents a receipt for apps.

  • Register

    The Register micro service gives register information to Apps.

  • Storage

    The Storage component gives storage capabilities to the apps.