Resource Registry

The Resource Registry

This is work in progress

The service registry will contain information about the service resources

See Github #24

Type of resources

There are different types of resources that can be registrated

  • Altinn 3 apps - Refered with org/app id
  • Altinn 2 Services - Refered with externalServiceCode and EditionCode
  • Service Resources

Altinn 3 Apps

Apps hosted in Altinn 3 Apps will be registred in the Altinn Service Registry.

The referenced id would be org/app

The registration is required to be able to list apps that is included in the rights for a group

Altinn 2 Services

Apps hosted in Altinn 2 platform will be registrated in Altinn Service Registry

The reference id would be externalServiceCode/serviceeditionCode

Altinn Service Resource

The service resource would be any type of service provided by public or private organiazations. We will use cpsv:PublicService as inspiration to the data model.

Some examples

Resource attributes

The below table list the attributes a resource has in the resource registry. For attributes defined i cpsv:PublicService there is a link to the description.

Attribute Description Used for
Identifier Identifes the resource. String. Defined by resource owner. Used to identify correct policy
Title The resource title Used for presenting i resource catalog. Searchable
Description Describes the resource. Used for service catalogue
hasCompetentAuthority If the resource is owned be a public organization this will be set Identifies owner of resource
ownedBy This property refers to the Agent who owns the Service. Identifies private owner of resource
contactpoint Information about who to contact aboute the service Resource catalogue
homepage Homepage for service Resource catalogue
thematicArea This property represents the Thematic Area of a Public Service as described in a controlled vocabulary. Resource catalogue
type This property represents the Type of a Public Service as described in a controlled vocabulary. Resource catalogue, filter
sector This property represents the industry or sector a Public Service relates to, or is intended for. Note that a single Public Service may relate to multiple sectors. Resource catalog, filter
keyword This property represents a keyword, term or phrase to describe the Public Service. Catalogue, filter
status Indicates whether a Public Service is active, inactive, under development etc. according to a controlled vocabulary. Catalogue
isPartOf This property indicates a related service in which the described resource is included. This property is the inverse of dct:hasPart. Catalogue
spatial A Public Service is likely to be available only within a given area, typically the area covered by a particular public authority. Catalogue
produces Links a Public Service to one or more instances of the Output class describing the actual result of executing a given Public Service. Catalogue
validFrom Authorization
validTo Authorization
rightsDescription Describes the rights is delegated if resource access is delegated Altinn Access Managment
publicService Defines if it is public Altinn
isLimitedToSpesificUsers Defines if RRR will be used to controll access Access Management, PDP
availableFor Defines what kind of actor that can use service Catalogue
SelfIdentifiedUserEnabled The service can be used by selfidentifed users Catalogue, filter, access managment
Reference Can be external service codes, scopes +++
EnterpriseUserEnabled Service can be used by enterprise users Catalogue, Access management
EvenTypes Identfies types of events a resource can publish Altinn Events, Catalogue
Resourcetype Type of resource. Access management


Polices defined for apps and resources will be stored by resource registry.

App Policies

The App Policies are policies for Apps created in Altinn Studio. The policy is created in Altinn Studio and migrated to the Access Policy component when the app is deployed to a test or production environment.

An app policy contains information about the different resources in an App and who and what kind of operations they are allowed to perform. The who is identified using Altinn Roles, Access Groups, or roles/groups from other sources.

Resource Registry Policies

The resource registry policies are policies for resources that is not comming from Altinn 3 apps. It could be any functionality hosted on any platform.

Both digital and analog services can be registrated in the resource registry.


See construction components if you want to see how the component is built.