Last modified: May 5, 2023


The Altinn Events component is an a ASP.NET Core MVC Application exposing REST-API to Altinn Apps and other Altinn Platform components.

In addition it contains serveral Azure Functions to support push of events.

See events for functional description of the platforms event capabilities.

Event architecture diagram
Altinn Event Architecture

The solution is available at https://platform.altinn.no/events/api/v1.


The full detail for this API is described here.

Push Functions

An important part of the Events component is the four different Azure Functions that are responsible for the following:

  • Registration function: Pulls incomming events from queue for further processing
  • Inbound Function: Sends every event to subscription matching and authorization
  • Outbound Function: Pushes events to subscription endpoints
  • Subscription Validation Function

See more details in the construction components for Events