Last modified: Oct 17, 2022


The Profile component gives profile information for users in Altinn.

The profile component is an ASP.Net Core MVC Application exposing REST-API to Altinn Apps.

The profile solution is now available locally at and all resources are avaiable through endpoints defined below.

Resources: users


A user is the entity which is logged in in Altinn and performs actions for on behalf of an instance owner.

User type

UserIdintuser ID
UserNamestringusername set by the user
PhoneNumberstringphone number
Emailstringemail address
PartyIdintparty ID
PartyPartyparty object that represents the user
UserTypeUserTypeuser type
ProfileSettingPreferenceProfileSettingPreferenceobject containing the users profile setting preferences


Get information about a user from user id:

GET /users/{userId}

Get information about a user from SSN. Send a POST request with the SSN contained in the request body.

POST /users