Building and configuring apps

Altinn Studio can been seen as a collection of different editors or applications specialized to create and edit different aspects of an Altinn Studio app.

To support building apps Altinn Studio have different functionality to building and configuring different aspects of the app.

  • API expose

    Apps created in Altinn Studio can be exposed as API together with UI, or only as API without any UI.

  • API use

    To be able to support "once-only" it is essensial that it is easy to do API-call from an app to other systems APIs.

  • Create AppLogic with code

    App behavior can be controlled by code.

  • App Parameters

    The application contain different parameters that controlls the behaviour.

  • Set Authorization Rules

    Altinn Studio let the developer set the authorization requirements for a App

  • Data modeling

    Defining the data model(s) for an app is important. Altinn Studio will support importing existing data models and creating new data models.

  • Configure help texts

    Help developer configure help texts for components

  • Configure Prefill

    Altinn Studio will let the developer define prefill for datamodel from register and profile.

  • Define app process

    As part of the development one must define a process for the app that end user needs to follow.

  • Text and translations

    Using texts when designing UI, defining workflow, other settings, deploy, and more.

  • UI Design

    The UI-designer is the part of Altinn Studio where the developer can create UI for the app.