Data modeling

Defining the data model(s) for an app is important. Altinn Studio will support importing existing data models and creating new data models.

The data model for an app typical defines the format of the data either sent to the app owner or presented in the app for the user. The data model is important for a consistent and formal definition of the data. It will be used for validation both from UI and for external systems.

Altinn Studio will support both importing existing data model as XSD or creating a data modell. In MVP only import is in scope.

Some requirements for Altinn Studio is:

  • It should be easy to model data.
  • Built in replacment for SERES (current tool).
  • Need to support more formats.

See all issues related to Altinn Studio and data modeling on Github.

Editor for enkel datamodellering

Editor for enkel datamodellering