About Altinn 3

Altinn 3 is the third generation platform for developing and hosting digital services.

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The platform is is owned by the Norwegian Digitalization Agency and developed as an open source platform.

The current development solution and hosting platform (launched 2010) is considered by Gartner as one of the five leading digital government technology platforms in the world.



The current platform is used by over 90% of the Norwegian population and almost 100% of the businesses. Over 55 agencies and municipalities host their solutions in the Altinn platform.

The current platform has almost 1000 active solutions supporting different user scenarios.
Examples of solutions in the current platform is: Tax reporting, aircraft incident reporting, correspondence services from health department, lookup service in to the business register and many many more.


The concept is that agencies can develop digital services and deploy them as containers to a higly scalable cloud infrastructure. All with limited need for knowing programming or anything about cloud infrastructure.

What types of apps can be built with Altinn Studio and hosted in Altinn Apps?

The first version will support apps where the use case is to submit data from the end user or system to the organizations.

Why Altinn Studio?

There are many reasons to use Altinn 3 to build and host your digital services.

  • Easy to develop and deploy apps
  • Reuse of data, APIs and functionality (code)
  • A known platform for end users
  • Highly scalable and secure infrastructure
  • Open source

When was it launched?

The first version was launched in June 2020 and the first applications was deployed to production on june 19. 2020.


Below you find a presentation done at NDC Conferences Oslo June 11. 2020!

Presentation June 11. 2020 NDC Conference (slides)

How to learn more about Altinn 3

Start with reading about the different solutions of Altinn 3.

  • Altinn Studio let you build your digital services
  • Altinn Apps let your host your digital services
  • Altinn Platform will provide standard functionalit to your digital services.

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