Description of the Altinn Studio architecture.

Altinn Studio, Altinn Apps and Altinn Platform has a modern architecture.

Architecture Goals & Guidelines

The following guidlines and goals have been important to define the architecture.

Free and open-source software

Guideline: Frameworks and applications used in Altinn Studio will need to be Open Source.

Result: Possibility to share the platform as Open Source. The possibility to create a Open Source community around the platform.

Web Standards & Modern frameworks

Guideline: Use Web Standards and modern frameworks

Result: Non proprietary standards will be used. Can use standard tools and developers does not need to have special skills.

Cloud Native

Guideline: The architecture should follow cloud native principles


  • Containers - Isolation (resources, framework)
  • Microservice architecture - Upgrade components seperate.
  • APIs - Reuse
  • Independent of operating system - Can develop and run on any platform

Architectural overview

The figure below shows the relation between the different types of architecture defined.