Application Architecture App

Description of the application architecture for

The App developed in Altinn Studio is currently based on a application template that contains backend and frontend components. The app developer modifies and enhances the app with changing code and configuration in Altinn Studio or external devlopment tools like Visual Studio Code.

The application is built and deployed as a Docker container in a Kubernetes Pod to a Kubernetes cluster. See deployment architecture for deployment details.

In the future Altinn Studio will support apps based on different templates. Currently we support the below template(s).

App based on Asp.Net core backend and React frontend

App Backend

App-Backend exposes api to frontend and contains functionality to handle the typical functional scenarious needed like process handling, data storage, business logic ++.

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App Frontend

Apps based on this template can be configured to have a frontend. Apps created for beeing only a backend for mobile apps other systems will not have a App Frontend.

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