Altinn Platform - Storage

Description of the application architecture for Storage component

The Storage component exposes a REST-API to Altinn Apps.

Storage provides persistent storage service for applications in Altinn. It is mostly used by the app-backend to store information about instances and their data elements. It provides a registry of all applications metadata, data types and events. It is also intended to be used by organisations and other clients to read data.

Resources: Instance, Application, DataType, ApplicationLogic, InstanceEvent, ApplicationEvent, MessageBoxInstance


An application instance is created when a instance owner (reportee) starts a process in an Altinn application. An instance replaces Altinn2 Message. An instanceOwner is a person/company that reports information via Altinn. An appId refers to the application information element which defines the metadata about the application.

    "id": "60238/762011d1-d341-4c0a-8641-d8a104e83d30",
    "appId": "test/sailor",
    "org": "test",
    "instanceOwner": {
        "partyId": "60238"
    "created": "2019-03-06T13:46:48.6882148+01:00",
    "createdBy": "user32",
    "lastChanged": "2019-03-07T23:59:49+01:00",
    "lastChangedBy": "user34",
    "dueBefore": "2019-06-10T00:00:00.00Z",
    "visibleAfter": null,
    "title": {
        "nb": "Færder påmelding 2019",
        "en": "Fearder Race Registration 2019"
    "process": {
        "started": "2019-09-25T09:32:44.20Z",
        "currentTask": {
            "started": "2019-10-10T32:22.00Z",
            "elementId": "Data_1",
            "name": "Fyll ut",
            "altinnTaskType": "data",
            "validated": {
                "timestamp": "2019-10-04T12:00.00Z",
                "canCompleteTask": true
    "status": {
        "softDeleted": null,
        "archived": "2019-12-20T20:30:33.233Z",
        "hardDelete": null,
    "appOwner": {
        "labels": ["xyz", "importantUser"],
        "message": { "nb": "field 32 is incorrect", "at": "2018-12-22"}
    "data": [
            "id": "692ee7df-82a9-4bba-b2f2-c8c4dac69aff",
            "dataType": "boatdata",
            "contentType": "application/json",
            "blobStoragePath": "test/sailor/60238/762011d1-d341-4c0a-8641-d8a104e83d30/data/692ee7df-82a9-4bba-b2f2-c8c4dac69aff.json",
            "filename": "davidsyacht.json",
            "created": "2019-03-06T15:00:23+01:00",
            "createdBy": "XXX",
            "size": 2003,
            "locked": true
            "id": "999911d1-d341-4c0a-8641-d8a104e83d30",
            "dataType": "crewlist",
            "contentType": "text/xml",
            "blobStoragePath": "test/sailor/60238/762011d1-d341-4c0a-8641-d8a104e83d30/data/999911d1-d341-4c0a-8641-d8a104e83d30",
            "filename": "crewLIst.xml",
            "created": "2019-03-07T23:59:49+01:00",
            "createdBy": "XXX",
            "lastChanged": "2019-03-10T23:59:49+01:00",
            "lastChangedBy": "XXX"

Instance type

Attribute Type Description User Owner App Storage
id string unique id C
appId string application id C
instanceOwner.partyId integer id of instance owner C C
appOwner.labels string[] array of string labels C
create dateTime creation time C
createdBy string user id C
lastChanged dateTime? last changed time C
lastChangedBy string user id C
dueBefore dateTime? deadline for submit CU
visibleAfter dateTime? when visible for user CU
title string text shown in inbox CU U
process ProcessState process state info U (U)
userStatus InboxStatus statuses that the user can change U
instance InstanceState data on delete and archive state of the instance U C
appOwner AppOwnerState status from app owner CU
data List data elements CU

C - creation time, U - can be updated


Create a new instance of an app for a given instance owner. Post with query params that identifies the appId and the instance owner. An instance object can be sent as json data to set certian values.

POST /instances?appId=test/sailor
{ "instanceOwner": { "partyId": "60238" }}

Get information about one instance.

GET /instances/{instanceId}

Get (query) all instances that an instance owner has

GET /instances/{instanceOwnerPartyId}

Query all instances of a particular application that has endState equal to ‘EndState_1’

GET /instances?appId={appId}&process.endState=EndState_1

Query all instances of an application owner’s organisation

GET /instances?org={org}

Delete a specific instance (also deletes its data).

DELETE /instances/{instanceId}

Data service

A data element is a file that contains a specific form element of an instance. It may be structured file, e.g. json, xml, or it may be a binary file, e.g. pdf. The application metadata restricts the types of form elements that are allowed {dataType}.

Get a specific data element

GET /instances/{instanceId}/data/{dataId}

Post to create a specific data element. Content a file (as MultipartContent). After success the instance’s data section is updated, with the appropriate dataId guid that is used to identify the specific data element

POST /instances/{instanceId}/data?dataType={dataType}

Put to replace a specific data element. Delete to remove data element.

PUT /instances/{instanceId}/data/{dataId}

Notice that PDFs, such as receipts or simmilar, is handled the same way as data elements.


Application metadata used to validate data element types in instances. And to provide application events.

Resource: /applications/test/sailor

    "id": "test/sailor",
    "versionId": "v32.23-xyp",
    "org": "test",
    "app": "sailor",
    "created": "2019-03-06T13:46:48.6882148+01:00",
    "createdBy": "XXX",
    "title": { "nb": "Testapplikasjon", "en": "Test Application" }, 
    "processId": "standard",
    "validFrom": "2019-04-01T12:14:22+01:00",
    "validTo": null,
    "maxSize": null,
    "dataTypes": [
            "id": "boatdata",
            "description": {"nb": "Båtdata", "en": "Boat data"},
            "allowedContentTypes": ["application/json"],
            "taskId": "Task_1",
            "appLogic": {
                "autoCreate": true,
                "classRef": "Skjema",
                "schemaRef": "schemas/boatname"
            "maxSize": 200000,
            "maxCount": 1
            "id": "crewlist",
            "allowedContentTypes": ["application/xml"],
            "taskId": "Task_2",
            "appLogic": {
                "autoCreate": false,
                "classRef": "CrewList",
                "schemaRef": "schemas/crewlist"
            "maxSize": null,
            "minCount": 1,
            "maxCount": 3
            "id": "certificate",
            "allowedContentType": ["application/pdf"],
            "appLogic": null,
            "maxSize": null,
            "maxCount": 1

Application type

Property Type Description
id string application id
versionId string release or commit id
processId string application process id
title LanguageString[] application title in different languages
validFrom dateTime when the application is valid from
validTo dateTime? when the application is valid to
dataTypes DataType[] Metadata about data requirements in the application. See DataType.
maxSize integer the maximum number of bytes that the data elements can have


The DataType model represents data requirements for an application for different process tasks.

Property Type Description
id string Required. Id of the data type.
description LanguageString[] A short description of the data type. Language support.
allowedContentTypes string[] A list of allowed content types.
taskId string Required. Associated task from the process definition. Defines that the data is required to progress to next task in a process.
appLogic ApplicationLogic Data object that connect data to application models. This should be null for data types describing attachments. See ApplicationLogic.
maxSize int Maximum allowed size of a data item of this type. Undefined means that the limit is unbounded.
maxCount int Maximum allowed data item count of this type. Zero or below indicate unbounded.
minCount int Minimum number of data items of this type. Zero or below indicate that the data type is optional.


    "id": "receipt",
    "allowedContentTypes": ["image/jpeg", "image/png"],
    "taskId": "Task_1",
    "appLogic": null,
    "maxSize": 20,
    "minCount": 1,
    "maxCount": 3

In order to complete process task Task_1 the user must upload at least one image. It can be either a jpg or png below 20 MB. The user is allowed to upload additional 2 images. The application does not have any business logic associated with the data type.


The ApplicationLogic model describes the connection between a data type and a corresponding data model in the application. This is required for all data types associated with an XSD or JSON Schema. In most cases it also implies that there is a UI with a form the user can fill in.

Property Type Description
autoCreate bool Indicate that the application should automatically create a data item of this type with every new application instance.
classRef string Reference to the class definition representing the data model.
schemaRef string Reference to the XSD or JSON schema.


Get a list of all Applications

GET /applications

Get metadata about a specific application

GET /applications/{appId}

Get application events.

GET /applications/{appId}/events


User actions on an instance trigger instance events such as created, saved, _submitted, deleted, and undeleted. The events are associated with an instance, a user and an instance owner and generated by the application and stored in CosmosDB.

Format of the JSON object stored in the database.

    "instanceId": "60238/5c6b1a71-2e1f-447a-ae2f-d1807dcffbfb",
    "eventType": "deleted",
    "created": "2019-05-02T13:08:21.981476Z",
    "instanceOwnerPartyId": "60238",
    "user": {
        "userId": 3,
        "authenticationLevel": 1,
        "enduserSystemId": 2

Instance Event type

Attribute Type Description
id Guid? Id set by CosmosDB when the instance event is stored
instanceId string {instanceOwnerPartyId}/{instanceGuid}
dataId string Id of data element if event is related to a data element.
created DateTime? DateTime set by CosmosDB when the event is stored
eventType string the event type. Available instance event types are listed here
instanceOwnerPartyId string the instance owner id
user.userId int? the user who triggered the event
user.authenticationLevel int the authentication level for the user or system that triggered the event
user.endUserSystemId int? the end user system that triggered the event
process ProcessState the process step during which the event occured


GET /instances/{instanceId}/events

Create an event. POST with body. Note id and createDateTime is set by the system and should not be included in the json object.

POST /instances/{instanceId}/events

Get all instance events for a specific instance.

GET /instances/{instanceId}/events

Get all instance events for a specific instance filtered by event types

GET /instances/{instanceId}/events?eventTypes={eventTypeA},{eventTypeB}

Get all instance events for a specific instance within a time frame The times are strings defined in UTC-format. E.g. “2019-05-03T12:55:23”

GET /instances/{instanceId}/events?from={fromtime}&to={totime}

Get all instance events for a specific instance within a time frame filtered by event types

GET /instances/{instanceId}/events?from={fromtime}&to={totime}&eventTypes={eventTypeA},{eventTypeB}

Delete all instance events for a specific instance. DELETE request.

DELETE /instances/{instanceId}/events


A message box instance is a compressed instance object stripped for data that is not relevant for the Altinn II message box. In addition some properties from the application metadata such as application title are included in the object.

MessageBoxInstance type

Attribute Type Description
id string unique id (corrresponds to instance guid)
instanceOwnerId integer id of instance owner
org string Application owner for the app
appName string name of the application
title string title of the application in language defined in the request
processCurrentTask string current task in the process state
createDateTime dateTime creation time
lastChangedBy string user id of the user who last changed the instance
lastChangedBy string user id
dueDateTime dateTime? deadline for submit
bool allowDelete is current user allowed to delete instance
bool authorizedForWrite is current user allowed to write to edit the instance
deletedDateTime dateTime? date the instance was deleted
archivedDateTime dateTime? date the instance was archived


Get a single instance in message box instance format in (optional) preffered language. Default lanugage is norsk bokmål (nb). Available language specifications: en, nb, nn-NO.

GET /sbl/instances/{instanceOwnerPartyId}/{instanceId}?language={languageId}

Get list of all instances for an instance owner in a specific state, with a visible dateTime that has passed and (optional) preffered language. Available states: active, deleted, archived. Available language specifications: en, nb, nn-NO.

GET /sbl/instances/{instanceOwnerPartyId}?state={instanceState}&language={languageId}

Mark an instance for deletion in storage. Set parameter hard equal to true or false to indicate soft or hard deletion. Calling this endpoint will not the delete the instance from Storage, simply mark is as deleted.

DELETE /sbl/instances/{instanceOwnerPartyId}/{instanceId}?hard={true/false}

Restore a soft deleted instance.

PUT /sbl/instances/{instanceOwnerPartyId}/{instanceId}/undelete