Authentication Architecture Altinn Studio

Description of the Authentication architecture Altinn Studio

Users of Altinn Studio needs to be authenticated.

Developer authentication

The App Developer using Altinn Studio will authenticate with help of the build in account in Gitea.

The designer part of Altinn Studio integrates with Gitea so it identifies the user logged in in Gitea.

GIT Repo authentication

When users tries to update the Git repo where source files for the app is stored it needs to authenticate agains the GIT repo.

This can be done through using a App Key generated in Gitea or using the username/password for the Gitea account.

Authentication of test user in Altinn Studio

When testing apps in Altinn Studio, the designer part of Altinn Studio will behave as the identity provider for the runtime part of Altinn Studio.

Altinn Studio have functionality where app developer can select a given test user and then navigate to runtime to test the app with the selected user/instance owner.